Science: Sexually Aroused Voters Swing Left

Recently, I came across two interesting studies that deal with the biochemics of political opinion making.

The first one ist presented by David Pizarro in one of those TEDx-talks: If you disgust people with someting like feces, worms or unpleasant odor, they answer political questions more convervatively than the not disgusted control group. It is even enough to direct people’s minds towards something disgusting – for example by reminding them to wash their hands with disinfectant – to make them conservatively biased. One relationship all studies discover: The easier somebody gets disgusted, the more conservative their viewpoints are.

The second experiment also delt with disgust. In Groningen, Netherlands, Borg and de Jong found out that “feelings of disgust and disgust-induced avoidance weaken following induced sexual arousal”. In their studies, women who have been aroused by “women-friendly” pornography were more likely and frequently able to perfom disgusting tasks like eating a cookie next to a worm or putting their fingers into a bowl of used condoms. They were less easily disgusted.

To summarise so far: If you are sexually aroused, you are less easily disgusted. if you are less easily disgusted, you are likely to be less conservative.
Thus the gentle reader can conclude, what an Obama campaign is left to do with all undecided voters to get a last minute bump.

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