Iron Dome May Have Terrible Side Effects

The Iron Dome protects Israeli citizens from rockets that are lauched from the Palestinian territories. It is one of the best inventions to protect innocents from the horror of war. However, it might have a blacklash the could be even worse. Just to be very clear: I do not argue that the Iron Dome shouldn’t be there. I only argue that its invention might have devastating side effects.

Why? Well, there are a many different types of rockets – ranging from improvised rockets made at home to professional rockets imported from allies. But all of them have in common that they serve one cause: They give Palestians a possibility to express their anger and to take revenge for whatever horror was brought to them by the Israeli State. I claim that for most people firing some rockets is sufficient to fulfill their moral duty to fight said enemy.

That anger and that duty will stay as long as there’s a conflict. If the Iron Dome makes firing rockets useless, people will not stop hating. Their anger will find a different channel.

For amateurs, suicide bombing might become the method of choice again.

For allies of Palestine, weapons other than rockets might become the export of choice.

I do hope that I don’t see that prediction come true.

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